Margaret Clark

Australian author of children's books. Born in Geelong, Victoria in 1942. Her love of writing began as a child and is now a highly prolific author of children's and teen books. She has worked as a teacher, lecturer and drug and alcohol advisor and her experience with children of all ages gives her books an authenticity about kid's problems and viewpoints. She writes for a wide age range and on a wide variety of themes including teen romance, horror (under the name of Lee Striker), animal stories, and more serious issues such as drug addiction and homelessness. Many of her books, even those which deal with serious issues, have a strong streak of humour running through them.

As far as I know she has only written one horse story which is part of the Aussie Angels series about three children whose parents run an animal shelter and their many adventures with a wide variety of different animals.

Ms. Clark has her own website which has lots of information about her various books.

Horse & Pony Books:

SUMMARY: Part of the
Aussie Angels animal series (number 8). This is the only horse title in the series. Meg and Mike's parents run an animal shelter and they love animals. One day they find an abandoned foal. When they find out he has been sired by the magnificent Thoroughbred stallion Rise and Shine, they realise their foal could become a top racehorse. But is that the best sort of life for Sunshine. Or is it better for him to become just another of their many pets?

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Collector's Info:
Unfortunately the book and indeed most of the Aussie Angels series is hard to find outside of Australia.